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Dare ・

Energise ・





An invitation to reconnect your body and mind
To challenge, boost and revitalise yourself
To purify your body

A QUINTESSENCE RETREAT day generally starts at 7 am and ends at around 7.30 pm.

The retreat combines light, intense and restorative fitness sessions, sports, as well as time to relax.

Wake up to a morning lift routine followed by a healthy breakfast and cardio, strength, core, balance or flexibility classes led by our trainers.

After a natural energy­ snack or a smoothie, experience a hike with an experienced local mountain guide or other outdoor/indoor activities leading to a delicious lunch and restorative me time.

The programme continues in the afternoon with more activities, individual coaching or discovery courses under the guidance of our expert team. On selected afternoons, time is set aside for you to enjoy the spa, a massage, or to simply reconnect with yourself.

The day ends with a yoga, pilates or stretching class before savouring an exquisite dinner, relaxing by the cosy fireplace.


QUINTESSENCE workouts alternate endurance, cardio and strength exercises, to maintain and improve your fitness level.

Our team of expert trainers, fluent in French and English, give each guest the individual attention they need to fully enjoy the QUINTESSENCE experience.

Classes are designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of fitness level. Our aim is to ensure you progress at your own pace while having fun.

Weather permitting, most activities take place outdoor, encouraging guests to connect with the natural beauty all around them, and enjoy fresh mountain air.

QUINTESSENCE is more than a concept, it’s a philosophy of life

Uncover your quinta essentia

According to ancient philosophy, quinta essentia is a fifth substance in addition to the four elements of earth, fire, air and water, which ensures cohesion, life.

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