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Challenge ・

Reboot ・


The Team

To challenge, reboot and rebalance yourself

Celine and Kevin, QUINTESSENCE’s trainers, fluent in French and English, give each guest the individualised attention and encouragement needed to complete a week of physical activity.

Celine is a certified Hatha Yoga 200h (RYT) and Vinyasa Yoga 200h (RYT) as well as Pilates instructor (Matwork II). Personal trainer since many years, she gathered a strong experience in various endurance, cardio and strength techniques.
Semi-pro, full back rugby player in the 4th French division, Kevin masters a wide palette of fitness trainings. He is a certified Fitness Training and Group Fitness instructor, as well as personal trainer and Mills GRITTM certified Instructor.
Because your body is precious.

Because a regular physical activity and nutritionally balanced diet help you keep your body and mind powerful and energised, eating clean and well is also a QUINTESSENCE key promise! 

Aligned with the sports programme established together with Celine and Kevin, the QUINTESSENCE signature Cuisine is created by Daniela. Head Chef and pastry Chef with Italian roots, fluent in four languages, Daniela creates a healthy and tasty, beautiful and refined cuisine. A true culinary artist, she designs the signature menus crafted from the finest, locally sourced organic ingredients. The Cuisine is entirely free of gluten, lactose, refined sugar and alcohol.

Curious and eager to share her discoveries and techniques, Daniela gives throughout guests stays various tips and advice.

Guests are invited to retreat in luxurious and unique locations, always located at the heart of a calm, refined and pure environment.

With a sense of service and detail, as well as the pleasure of taking care of her guests, Valérie has more than 20 years of experience in the luxury hotel industry. She works with a master hand on our high-end location for your upmost comfort.

Your well-being is our priority. In order to relax and eliminate tensions and body aches, our therapists put their expertise at the service of your comfort! A wide rage of treatments is offered: osteopathy, Swedish massage, sports massage, reflexology, facials.  VIP guests will regularly join the QUINTESSENCE weeks for exclusive talks on specific topics such as nutrition, mindfulness, welfare.

From August 11th to 18th Quintessence Retreats is delighted to welcome Lou, founder of ToutesDesChampionnes.

Along with Celine and Kevin, Lou will host 2 sports sessions per day: yoga, pilates, circuit training, PyroFlow and much more! She will also share with you her vision of a healthy, balanced and fulfilling life!

3 packages available:

From Saturday 11.08, noon to Saturday 18.08, noon
7 nights/6 days of activities
3’280 EUR in a Standard Room, Single occupancy
2’480 EUR in a Standard Room, Double occupancy-twin or king size beds

From Saturday 11.08, noon to Tuesday 14.08, noon
3 nights/2,5 days of activities
1’400 EUR in a Standard Room, Single occupancy
1’060 EUR in a Standard Room, Double occupancy-twin or king size beds

From Tuesday 14.08, 2 p.m. to Saturday 18.08, noon
4 nights/3,5 days of activities
1’880 EUR in a Standard Room, Single occupancy
1’420 EUR in a Standard Room, Double occupancy-twin or king size beds

Prices for Superior and Deluxe rooms on request.

Bookings per email only :


From August 21st to 25th QUINTESSENCE RETREATS and Le Tigre are delighted to present an exclusive retreat “yoga, mountains and full moon”.

A unique 4-night, 3,5-day programme of deep self-reconnection through the practice of Hatha yoga, energized by the full moon energy of Pisces on August 26th which encourages creative expression.


Day 1           Letting go        –        to move from control to acceptance

Day 2           Intuition           –        to move from denial to connection

Day 3           Forgiveness    –        to go from suffering to joy

Day 4           Compassion   –        to go from criticism to benevolence

The program is organized around the following practices and activities:

  • Hatha yoga and Pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Writing workshop
  • Hiking
  • Fitness and relaxation sessions
  • Spa and wellness treatments

The retreat is led by Tatiana, teacher at Le Tigre, Celine and Kevin, Quintessence trainers, and Daniela, Quintessence Chef.

Details and bookings:

  • 1’200 EUR    in a Standard Room    Double occupancy
  • 1’300 EUR    in a Superior Room     Double occupancy
  • 1’400 EUR    in a Deluxe Room        Double occupancy
  • 1’700 EUR    in a Standard Room    Single occupancy
  • 1’800 EUR    in a Superior Room     Single occupancy
  • 1’900 EUR    in a Deluxe Room        Single occupancy

Tuesday August 21st, from 5 p.m. – check-out Saturday August 25th, at noon

Bookings per email only : contact@quintessence-retreats.com

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