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Challenge ・

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To challenge, reboot and rebalance yourself

Because your body is precious

Because a regular physical activity and a nutritionally balanced diet help you keep your body and mind powerful and energised, eating clean and tasty food is also a QUINTESSENCE key promise! Our healthy and gourmet CUISINE is perfectly aligned with our signature sports programme established by our high qualified FITNESS TRAINERS, YOGA and PILATES TEACHERS

Your well-being is our priority. In order to relax and eliminate tensions and body aches, our THERAPISTS are available for your comfort! A wide range of wellness treatments are offered.

The members of the QUINTESSENCE team are fluent in French and English. Thanks to their expertise and individual competencies, they give each guest the individual attention they need to fully enjoy the QUINTESSENCE experience.


QUINTESSENCE’s principal trainer, KEVIN has developed the signature programme DARE TO BE GOOD TO YOURSELF. Semi-pro, full back rugby player in the 4th French division, Kevin is master of a wide range of fitness training styles. He is a certified Fitness Training and Group Fitness instructor, as well as a personal trainer and Mills GRITTMcertified Instructor.


EMMA is a passionate private Chef who has developed her skills over the last decade to be focused more on lighter, fresher, healthy and sustainable eating. She has experience working with top level trainers, athletes and clients who have specific dietary needs, and loves helping them discover their personal needs. EMMA has experienced first hand what a positive affect getting your diet right can have.
She has considerable knowledge of vegetarian, vegan, gluten- and lactose-free cooking – not that she hopes you will notice anything other than delicious, satisfying food on her menus!


CLEMENT took his first steps in physical education as a sports instructor and evaluator in the Haute-Savoie Fire and Rescue service. Following this, he completed further training as a sports instructor. Today, he shares his passion by working as an exclusive personal trainer for select international clients.

VIP Collaborations

VIP guests regularly join the QUINTESSENCE weeks for custom-made programmes focused on the following topics: SPORT, WELFARE and NUTRITION.

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